Sonoff USB dongle P (E) as a zegbee roter

Can iHost use a Sonoff USB dongle P (E) as a zegbee extender/roter?

I have connected Dongle-E flashed with router firmware. Works fine but it is discovered by iHost as a light.

Although, it is showing up as a light, has it improved zigbee connectivity and range of iHost?

Range is in my opinion about 50% better then iHost.
Unfortunatelly I’ve noticed one issue. When you connecting some devices to iHost with already connected dongle-e, these devices are connecting via dongle with some error. For example temperature sensor connects but you can’t see battery state and temperature changes.
I solved it by adding first all devices to iHost and then dongle-e at the end. When devices reconecting to dongle-e (with much stronger signal) after a few minutes everything works as it should.

and what does ZIGBEE map look like

It shows that all devices with weak signal from iHost reconnected to Dongle-e.

Roughly after how much time does the network get auto-reconfigured?
The RSSI shown on each zigbee device’s detail in iHost is “Good” while on the map the signal bars seem to be more accurate.

on this map you can see that zbminir2 is doing as a router. why the SONOFFSWITCH_MINI device does not connect to the SONOFFSwitch which has a good signal

Dongle-E and iHost are about 5cm from each other. Before I’ve connected dongle-e I didn’t have connection from iHost to devices connected now to dongle or it was very weak and I was loosing connection. As you can see it doesnt look bad now. Devices which are placed close to iHost prefere to connect to iHost despite dongl-e signal is much stronger.

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I managed to connect zbminir2 to another zbminir2 but the zigbee map does not show the connection. devices fly in the air.

Can you help me with details, how did you do it?

For me the best way using python on windows :

Please help me.
I have a dongle-P.
I updated the firmware both by the direct method using the SmartRF Flash Programmer software, and by the python method.
I tried both the router version and the coordinator version.
The problem is that I cannot integrate it either in Ihost or in HA (which runs in docker with HACS).
Please tell me where I am wrong or what I should do.
I would be more interested in integrating it into HA, if possible.
Thank you very much.

I bought 1 sonoff usb dongle E and updated the router’s firmware, but on the zigbee map on ihost the node was not shown, in addition it shows as “Not supported” in the device list, giving me the option to just remove it from iHost