SonOff USB Stick and eWeLink app

do you know if it is possible to add my USB Zigbee Sonoff coordinator (used in my HA PC) as a zigbee hub in eWelink app?

Hi moreje, unfortunately, the answer is nope. The USB stick can only be connected to Home Assistant, or other open-source platforms.

Not as a COORDINATOR (main zigbee hub), but you can re-flash as ROUTER and use as a dumb client in order to extend the capacity and reach of your zigbee network mesh

Hi Mario. Can I use the USB dongle with router firmware with iHost as well? If yes, should I pick up Dongle-P or Dongle-E?

Haven’t tested with ihost yet, but dongle-e is easier to switch firmware because you can do that over the USB port, for the dongle-p I understand you need the original Texas Instruments debugger / programmer.

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iHost already comes with MG21’s zigbee chip, why do you need an external dongle?

I would like to use the dongle not as coordinator, but as router to extend my zigbee network.