Can web access the Sonoff Dongles?

I don’t know if this is possible but many devices running the web ewelink will have a USB port in to which a Sonoff Zigbee 3.0 USB Dongle could be put. Just considering getting a second dongle to extend my network & saw the instructions on flashing the firmware and increasing the transmit power of my dongle-p. That could be made a lot simpler if your website offered it. Suspect the windows security would ask permission to access USB like it does for cameras etc, but is it possible? Particularly the setting dongle-P output gain. That looks like something easy.

Offering what feature?have no idea about what you’re saying, maybe you should describe more specific to let eWeLink guys know your request.:joy:

Have you ever changed the firmware on a USB Zigbee dongle or changed its power settings? Did you even read the procedure for doing so? It is literally described on-line and there are YouTube videos (all free and take less than a second to find). If you did you would understand. They will know the procedure and are smart enough to know if it can be done from their web server.

@eerke We did not have such a development plan as most of the ZBDongle-P/E is used in Home Assistant or any other open-source home automation platform. The eWeLink web is designed for device control from a PC end but not for device configuration.

Is it possible change the firmware or update the power settings using Home Assistant? I was assuming I needed to either find something I have on my PC that works or download new software.

I think it is not available to change the firmware for the Dongle in Home Assistant, but it would be better to double-check it from Home Assistant Community.