iHost in ewelink mobile app

Is it possible to add iHost to the ewelink mobile app in the same way like it can be done with NSPanel Pro?

No, it’s not possible. No need for doing so.

As a purely local device for almost everything it is not necessary as you can create dashboards that can be accessed locally and whilst connected to TailScale globally. There are a few things that really need to be possible from a small screen

  1. Turing on Zigbee pairing
  2. reviewing battery status
  3. rebooting
    I think they already plan to add TRV control so that isn’t on the list. I don’t think it needs to be done via the eWeLink app though. A simple few options for Cast dashboards would suffice.

do you can halp to me with Pushover app and setup notification for iHost please, no option to write PM

Do you have a Pushover account?
If so copy your “user Key”. You need this.
Next you need to create an application, for example “iHost Node Red” then you will get an API token/key. That is the second thing you need.
Now just add a Pushover Palette in Node Red and when you first use a pushover node you will need those two keys you saved above. There are multiple Pushover palettes. I just picked the one most recently updated.

Thanks a lot, I will try.
Best regards and all the best!

Good luck. It’s quite easy, which is why I use them. You need an application code because pushover also works with other platforms. Just remember you need those two keys and save them on your computer.

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