Zigbee sensors connected to iHost/CUBE not visible in eWeLink WEB

Hi, there are similar topics to this one, I plan to add additional ZBBridge-P for the sensors currently added to iHost/CUBE making them available on both eWeLink WEB and iHost/CUBE. Need to check if iHost/CUBE will see/work with them if eWeLink WEB is unavailable when internet link is down. Will check that configuration. Any thoughts?

In your house you can add them to a cast dashboard that appears on your phone.
Outside your house you have the added step of creating a Tailscale VPN, for which eWeLink have a video or instructions etc.
that would save you the money of buying an NSPP.
Another option is to install the Homebridge Docker but I don’t know much about that.
Yet another option is to create a node Red dashboard with them and connect it to an App on your phone, but I’m not sure the apps are much better than just connecting to Tailscale and then your normal NR dashboard.

Personally I would just follow the instructions for Tailscale, save the IP address, add /cast to the end and create a cast dashboard.

Hi, thanks, I’m using Tailscale VPN and the cast option, but that is limited to viewing. The option with another ZBBridge-P is adding some cost and additional electricity, not very green… :slight_smile:

They are products for different purposes one for eWeLink Cloud and partially local usage and the other’s local only. For your needs, NSPanl Pro + iHost via Matter should work, but not all devices can be bridged.

If you only need the core Zigbee part of iHost while getting them to eWeLink WEB, ZBbridge-U is a better option.

If you just want remote access, Tailscale or software like FRP would work just fine without extra devices.

Hi Ward, I did not know about ZBbridge-U until now :slight_smile: nice one. My setup is built during prolonged period, meaning different devices were available in different times, with different limitarions. That’s why there is such a mess. Below is a simplified drawing of it. I would like to simplify and make it more reliable (that’s why iHost is there, but it happens to be with a bit limited functionality, where Docker are helping). This post was about the ones with a red arrow pointed to them. Any suggestions how to rebuild my setup is appreciated. I could not find any documentation or “how to” build a more complex, secure and reliable setup. Also a future proof and flrexible one. There are too many standards (if we can call them so, or different SW/HW solutions). Obviously I need to get to know Matter…

I see you mixing two lines of eWeLink-supported products.

iHost is more about local control, while NSP/eWeLink WEB relies more on the cloud.

It really depends on what you want. Do you want more local features within iHost or more cloud features via the eWeLink platform? Either way would simplify your setup.

Try cast again because I have Cast and with my setup it isn’t limited to viewing. I can turn things on/off and adjust settings. I don’t really understand why it is limiting yours. Maybe, internet browser? I am using Firefox on Apple iOS. Also there is an official tablet app with a local mode, but I forget it’s name.

Expected both to work together. Mostly got it. Started with the cloud then installed iHost locally to get faster and more reliable local scenes with additional features.

You are right, I took Cast more like a read-only-Dashboard. Still iHost-Zigbee sensor I can only see out of my place by using a VPN which I’m trying to avoid. It’s a limitation. Another limitation is possibility to have only one NSPanel86PB in your network connected, second only as a router bound to a Gateway.

Tailscale by default acts as a Split-tunnel VPN and only sends Tailscale related traffic to the VPN, so normal traffic is not effected.just leave it on. You just get to have the icon on your phone all the time. You can configure an “exit node” and choose to send all traffic but I don’t think iHost has that functionality. I don’t know why as Home Assistant has it and it’s quite useful to be able to send only encrypted traffic from coffee shops etc. Maybe because the Ethernet port is slower than that on a Raspberry Pi, which you could upgrade to even quicker.

I believe the “paralsync” is being updated. I don’t know when though. That will probably allow one NS Panel Pro to synchronise to the iHost which is synchronised to the other NS Panel Pro. I think I read here that update was planned for this summer. It may even have happened without me realising.

Tailscale works great, and yes iHost Tailscale Docker does not allow “exit node”, I would like to get it though… still I faced situations when I lost mobile connectivity that comes back after switching Tailscale off on my mobile. Not to mention that Tailscale Docker needs a security update. (I keep all my devices up to date, upgraded to the latest)