iHost adding Zigbee device and it is not showing in the APP

Unfortunately, there are a number of complex problems that require time and expertise to solve.

In my opinion, it is important to look at the possible ways to solve the problem (NAT, DDNS, eWelink apk, Web Cast or something else), on the basis of which to choose the possible and most acceptable one and implement it… how easy is this to say…

I hope that Your team of experts will also deal with this user request.

No offense taken. I myself ordered two iHosts, knowing that they are still under development. I too had hopes that were based on reviews. Especially regarding docker. My goal was to have an independent box that would be a Zigbee host and would run environments like Docker or iobroker.
I have a productive system running on a Synology NAS and I intend to keep that as my main environment. But I wanted to set up somenthing completely new for a friend who would be overwhelmed by the need to hook up a RasPi. The goal was to install Home Assistant.
My problem was that I was running iobroker at the time. I didn’t know that the container version of Home Assistant has limitations like missing addons. I could get something to work if I had shell access to the container. iobroker runs fine though. But I need to keep in mind that the iHost was not designed to run Home Assistant or iobroker, but to run Sonoff (and other Zigbee devices) in an own environment. And this is still under development. However, there is an “exit” for people who just like the hardware. And that is installing a different Linux distribution. That would still make it an interesting device. I myself am still reluctant and decided to wait for some updates. I have iobroker running on one of my iHosts and so far, so good… But with a few more options I would have a better feeling setting it up at my friend’s place.

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100% Agree