iHost add-on problem

Hi, Guys, I recently purchased ihost model RV1126 DDR4 4GB. I added a sensor that worked correctly. After I updated to firmware 1.5.3. I inserted the SD and formatted it, apparently the formatting was successful. I tried to install ewelink-smart-home but the installation never completes. I tried to install another homebridge application and the same thing happens. That is, I can not install anything this is very frustrating. What should I do ? Is there any way to do a factory.
reset. I have already tried to perform the reset via the button, but the installations are still stuck in the same state.

I had a similar error. The SD card is to blame.
See the thread:

This is probably some SD access error. I remove and added again. After this iHost stop of loading icon and show install again. Now every sound good.