Ihost add-on list for non-sonoff devices

Hi folks,

I have some “foreing wifi devices”:
Tuya smartlife thermostat, reolink cameras (argus PT and argus Eco), and some kasa tp-link HS110 plugs.
On the other hand I just installed some Zigbee Sonoff TRVs and door sensors.

I would like to know if there is a list of add-ons with the purpose of connect “foreign wifi devices” such the mentioned above to the iHost, so then I could manage scenes involving both “zigbee sonoff devices” with “foreing wifi devices”

I already seen an example on @jomotech youtube channel about Xiaomi Yeelight: Add-on Ewelink Cube Xiaomi Yeelight Lan Led

And I tried to look for the same type of add-ons to control my “foreign wifi devices” but no success at all.


→ Do you know if there is a list of useful add-ons?
–>Alternatively: Do you know other way to manage scenes combining zigbee ihost devices with foreign wifi devices?
Hopefully an easy way, I just jumped on this world and is quite overwhelming.

Thank you in advance


I believe the official addons will have the reference to cube.

iHost has open APIs , and all wifi devices can be connected to the eWeLink CUBE system via the APIs through Addon.

Yeelight’s addon was officially developed and released by Yeelight. If you need other brands of devices to be supported in ihost, you can try to contact the manufacturers of these brands and ask them to develop and provide corresponding access Addon.

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