iHost - accessing NTP servers every 5 seconds

Hardware: iHost (4Gb)
eWeLink CUBE Version: 2.0.0

It’s accessing the NTP servers every 5 seconds.
There is no error on the servers, so doesn’t make sense trying to sync the clock every 5 seconds.

Also, it’s accessing these domains every 5 seconds:

Is there any reason?

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@jiayu.gou Please take a look when available

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We had installed tcpdump and catch ntp request, but havent got what you said. May you descripe the context ?

is your pics capture from router? can you send complete log to us?

iHost is connected to the GL-iNet router (with AdGuard Home installed on it).

NSPanel Pro is connected to iHost as Router Mode.

Then I filtered all requests done by the iHost to the router and I noticed these requests on the screenshot.

If I power-off the iHost, these requests ends. So it’s really coming from iHost

It’s also trying to access these domains:

  • eu-pconnect2.coolkit.cc
  • eu-apia.coolkit.cc


dns resolve loop forever each 5 seconds?

Exactly… also for those coolkit.cc

may you send us your ihost sys log ?

Sure… I’ll send you when I return to home today night.
Where can I find this log on iHost?

Hi, download logs in here.

Sent the logs in a private message with a list of problems (DNS queries, shedules not done, NSPanel Pro not repeating the signal, problem on the scenes).

About the ntp servers, iHost did more than 33.000 queries to NTP servers and coolkit.cc domains in 24 hours:

I do have a similar problem. iHost tries a DNS PTR query (*.in-addr.arpa) several times per minute, every couble of hours. In the last 80 days ihost made more than 991 thousand queries according to Adguard.

I have checked the iHost logs but couldn’t determine if this was iHost or a docker containeter running. So i just blocked every DNS PTR query from iHost until something brakes (nothing broke so far, which is very suspicious to me).

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which docker container installed?

Only Tailscale and eWelink Smart Home

are u use @renatoyamane GL-iNet router too ? or openwrt ?

can you share your AdGuard Home settings via private message?

I believe you can replicate the issue also without the AdGuard Home.

  1. Create a free account at NextDNS.io
  2. On the router where iHost is connected, set the DNS server according to the server you received from NextDNS (e.g. https://dns.nextdns.io/unique_ID_given_by_NextDNS)
  3. Access your NextDNS account in their website and go to “Log”. There you can see all DNS queries done.
    Note: make sure you are using only NextDNS as server

About the AdGuard Home settings, I can send it to you when I return to home in more 12h.

Thank you. And can you try to test again without AdGuard Home?

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About the NTP servers:
I rebooted the iHost yesterday at 10.30am (your local time) and iHost stopped the infinite loop.

About the coolkit.cc:
When my VPN (surfshark, on the router) is OFF, iHost try to acces those domains just a couple of times;

But when my VPN is ON, iHost enter in a infinite loop trying to access:

  • eu-pconnect14.coolkit.cc
  • eu-apia.coolkit.cc

Every 5~ 10 seconds.
I’m based in Europe, but my VPN is connected to Brazil


Maybe something is going crazy

The system thinks it is in the EU and wants to talk to AWS servers in the EU, and the traffic from the cdn side goes to Brazil.

These domains are just a front for Amazon servers that handle traffic according to the nearest geo location. As a result, this may cause some strange behavior…

Does iHost have options where we provide locations or choose the login region? If so, set Brazilie and watch…