If that Ewelink app fails then use IFTTT instead!

So I’ve been using an S60 plug to power a simple night light, like those used in a child’s room. The light is meant to turn on when the MiniR2 turns on the boiler because heat is being demanded by TRVZB’s, or a SNZB-02D via an NS Panel Pro. An auto scene is created in the app, if boiler on (MiniR2), then turn on night light (S60). The converse is then true, so the light goes off when the boiler goes off.

This acts as a simple visual indicator as to whether the heating is on! I would find that frequently throughout the day, the light would be on, even though the boiler wasn’t, implying the auto scene was not working.

The work-around to this bug was to use IFTTT to conduct the exact same function, which has an alternate hook to the platform. This has worked perfectly for two weeks.

@eWeLink - Please can this bug with the app be resolved?

I sense I spoke too soon. I’ve just experienced a scenario on a customer site whereby the light was stuck on, the boiler was stuck on, the NS Panel was at 16 on the wall but 17 in the app. As the sensor was at 16.5 it had failed to turn off the light/boiler and the NS Panel display was one degree different in the app. Rebooting the NS Panel didn’t make a difference and the boiler / light had to be turned off manually.

Would you please let me know how you set the scenes in detail?

@yitie the scenes are quite simple, as illustrated by the two screenshots. The boiler is a mini r2, the plug is s60. The images show the scenes as disabled because of the failure so IFTTT is now used. The boiler is controlled by the NS Panel Pro/TRVZB’s when in heating mode. Let me know if you have other questions.

Weird, it should be act as expected according to the settings.
I will forward to dev team try to duplicate the issue, let you know i have any clue.

Is the turning on and off of the boiler the result of the execution of the scene created by NS Panel Pro/TRVZB? If it is, then the plug scene will indeed not trigger because the scene’s THEN cannot be used as an IF for other scenes.

It is recommended that you directly change the execution of the plug to be directly triggered by NS Panel Pro/TRVZB, which should solve this problem.

@songal thanks for your input. It’s worth noting, this scene was working as expected for many weeks, then just stopped, without any changes to the scene.

The boiler comes on when the TRVZB or NSPP call for heating. It goes off when neither of them require heating. A user can turn the boiler on just by turning the boiler on, like an override for the non-TRVZB controlled radiators (about half in this property), although turning it off manually is only possible if nothing is actually demanding heat because eWeLink has got its knickers in a twist… a saying for, it’s messed up or out of sync, if you understand the gist of what I’m saying.

The scene for the light/plug is simply looking at the condition of the boiler, be that on or off. By setting the condition to look at the TRVZB/NSPP, the user would have no visual indicator that another user, or a broken eWeLink is controlling the boiler! The plug/light has been most useful in troubleshooting and fine-tuning the environment.

Thank you for bringing this issue to our attention. To better understand the situation and assist you, could you please provide us with your eWeLink account and the Device IDs for MiniR2, SNZB-02D, NS Panel Pro, S60, and TRVZB? You can find the Device ID by navigating to “Device Settings” in the eWeLink app. You can provide the information here, or you can submit a ticket through the App’s feedback channel. To do this, go to “Profile-》Help&Feedback-》Feedback-》Submit Feedback”. Our team will then investigate the issue for you. Thank you for your cooperation!