Scenes/eWelink Keyboard vs IFTTT

When you turn on/off a device with a scene then the device you have setup in IFTTT is not registered as being turned on/off … Please make it such that at least the device is registered as being turned on/off when doing it from a scene… Else IFTTT is kinda worthless esepcially when you are doing it from eWelink Keyboard where you only can have scenes!!! OR just make it so that things can also be triggered with scenes (like IFTTT can act on scenes) … whatever is most simple but as long as it works which it doesnt currently!!!

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Currently there is no active subscription to get device state changes for IFTTT , this is due to the current API of IFTTT - we will look again, how can IFTTT get the latest device state

Im not sure what is stated here is entirely correct… always easy to blame IFTTT but when as I said I turn on the light manually and directly myself (in the eWelink app) then it works … Then IFTTT registeres it… And that would count as a device change right? So it cannot be the reason… As I see it its rather because Scenes in eWelink they are not letting your backend system register device changes … so its all about eWelink Scenes!

Let’s dive in to locate the issue, have some clue but not sure for now.

Hi there, we have located the issue and find a way to improve it, planned to be available in early June, so you can trigger IFTTT applet by eWeLink scenes at that time, free let me know if you have further suggestion.

Hi hookdk, happy let you know that we have make it happen, you can trigger IFTTT applet by eWeLink scenes now, just have a try and let me know how’s going, cheers.

Think somebody at Sonoff/here in this forum blocked my possibility of having Google Assistant changing colors/dimming and so forth my bulbs… PLease open this again… This should never be how you run a business at all… (I feel a bit disguisted that you did this - whoever did this “behind the curtain/below radar” in the back…

What is the issue? May I know the device ID that can not work? Will check it dor you.

Nothing changed of our side, and we did never and will not to block user’s account for inexplicable reason.