I can't update Sonoff zigbee bridge pro

I have a Sonoff Bridge Pro and every so often the devices linked to it appear offline. I have firmware 1.7.0 installed and I see that there is an update to version 1.7.1. When I try to update it, the update starts and after a while I get update failed and it doesn’t update.

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I have a similar problem. ZB Bridge-P, current software version 1.0.0, and 1.7.1 available for download, I tried update at home with LTE ruter and fast fiber optic at work. Every time the same result - “cannot update”

Maybe try updating via ewelink web or app…

When I try to update via https://web.ewelink.cc/#/ota I get this message.


Advanced Plan required. Please subscribe to eWeLink Advanced Plan to unlock more exclusive features.

Correct, unfortunately WEB is $…