ZBBRIDGE update error

Hi there.

Just added my ZB Bridge but I can’t update it from 1.4.1 version to the latest 1.7.0

90% and then error.

Have deleted it and restarted the process, but no solution.

Anyone solved this problem?


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It seems your WiFi network is not strong or stable enough during the update. Give it another try after a few hours and please make sure the wifi network is in good condition.

Hi there. My network is fine and I’ve been trying it since last week.

Always the same error and only with this device. Had no problem updating the others.

Any other suggestion?



Please raise a support ticket in eWeLink App > Profile > Feedback & Help, and our support team will look into it.

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version to the latest 1.7.0 ??

Most likely an update server overload. Just try again in a few days or weeks. In the meanwhile without the update the device will keep on working too.

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Thank you.
Not recognizing the curtain device…

Hola carlos, acabo de entrar en mi sonoff bridge ZB instalado hace mas de 2 años y sorpresa, tiene la versión 1.7.0. yá actualizada sin yo intervenir y funciona correctamente, al parecer este dispositivo se me actualiza automáticamente, cuando los mas de 50 de distintos modelos , tengo que actualizarlo manualmente, no sé porque esto en el ZB BRIDGE. Saludos

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Hi there, in fact, the firmware won’t be able to update automatically. You have to do it manually lol.

Thank you

I have the same problem. I try upgrade manually from 1.4.1 to 1.7 but get error (Device upgrade failed). Any suggestions?

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Hi there, please feel free to bring this issue to Sonoff at support@itead.cc.


I already contact them and they advice below procedure witch did not solve the problem. I also contacted Slovenian distributor and he confirmed that he opened two new ZBBridge and he was unsuccessful with firmware updates.

So the conclusion is that something is wrong with the platform or with ZBBridge.

Procedure from support:

If you failed to upgrade the device, firstly, please make sure that your internet is stable or not. If your internet is no problem, please try more times to upgrade the firmware or wait for some time to upgrade it again.

Meanwhile, if you still fail to upgrade it, please try to use another phone’s hotspot to pair the device, instructions are as below:

a. Please enable a hotspot from another mobile phone.

b. Please access the WiFi setting of your phone that installed an eWeLink app. And please connect to the hotspot.

c. Please long-press the pairing button of the device until the indicator light blinks three times repeatedly ( two short and one long). This means that the device has entered the quick pairing mode.

d. Please open your eWeLink app and press “+” at the middle bottom of the main page and choose quick pairing mode.

e. Please follow the indication that pops up on the page and enter the SSID and password of your phone’s hotspot.

Please double-check if the SSID and password are correct, otherwise, the pairing process will be failed

f. Please follow the instructions until finishing the pairing.

g. Please upgrade the firmware to the latest version.

Today I update ZBBridge and it worked successfully, without extra phone hotspot, unstable WiFi regular upgrade on eWelink App.

Like I said earlier this was a fault on platform not in my Phone or WiFi or something else that support provide me. Quite disappointed with the support, who suggested me solutions that have nothing to do with the non-functioning of the upgrade.

Most times it is an update server overlad and (as you can see) mostly it helps to just try again later.

Update done. Thank you ewelink.
Now I can connect the curtains to the ZBBRIDGE.