Current Firmware of ZBBridge and ZBBridge Pro


Is someone could share Firmware & EWL version of their SonOff ZB bridge ? Thanks you.

Mine :
EWL Version : 1.7.0

ZBBridge Pro
EWL Version : 1.5.0

Idem, same fw

Hello, I don’t know how upgrade the FW. Or throug the usb port but it is not a normal operation.

The ewelink version is upgraded in the ewelink application.

I just receive a new ZB bridge pro and from factory ewl version is 1.2.0 and app propose me to ugrade to 1.5.0.

What IS your current firmware ?

Bridge Pro firmware 1.1.0, will NOT update to 1.5.0

Ok there is a problem with your module. Create a ticket , Sonoff will remotely connect to check the module.
If they also fail to update to module , Sonoff will send you a new module free

Strange, 2 days ago, Sonoff sent me a new one.

Thé module is cheaper

Yes we also Ask me a vidéo recording of the Pairing process :wink:.
And finally send me free thé module which cost 30$.

So , i am satisfied with their support.

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Jak cofnąć aktualizacje?
Po aktualizacji na 1.70 nie mogę dodać więcej urządzeń niż 11

I guess this can’t be done…

a co może być przyczyną, że nie mogę dodać więcej niż 11 urządzeń?

I don’t know, some bug, configuration error… Restart to factory settings and add again.
If there is still a problem, report the ticket in English.