How do you migrate zigbee devices to a new gateway?

I’d like to use the new SONOFF Zigbee Bridge Pro Hub, ZigBee 3.0 Smart Gateway but don’t relish having to repair all my devices

How do I migrate ?

Unfortunately, the migration is done in a way you don’t like. There is no other way that I can think of.

There is an open source standard Zigbee network for format that both Zigbee-Home-Assistant and Zigbee2MQTT both use that isn’t implemented by Sonoff. Not entirely sure why. I have suggested here before they implement the standard but never got a reply. Then you could just download the network and upload it to the new device. It is commonly used for upgrading USB dongles. I’m not sure when Home Assistant or Zigbee2MQTT first introduced it but they’ve used it a while.

seems to me if SONOFF wants to sell new improved hardware migratinging to it should be possible without re-pairing and programming the various settings and scenes especially when devices are in hard to reach locations. Not to mention what to do if the gateway fails. You have no backup

In the case of iHost, where there is a bit more to configure, the backup is said to be coming this year. I asked about this some time ago and was told that the backup is in the plans, but they now have other priorities. Let’s hope the wait is not excessively long. Looks like guys from eWeLink don’t know that there are people who make backups and those who’ll do them :thinking:

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Up until now I don’t think any Zigbee hub of any make could transfer to another hub.
Very recently Smartthings has introduced a hub replace function and has hinted at sharing Zigbee networks on multiple hubs but by ‘definition’ the Zigbee hub is a closed ecosystem.

You’ve been able to change hub in Zigbee-Home-Assistant and Zigbee2MQTT for a while, although I’m not sure it always works so well. There is a standard file format. Main purpose is people changing their Zigbee USB sticks.

They could implement the free standard on the iHost if they wanted.

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