Help Center, is it real?

hi all,
sorry for the question that’s maybe stupid and could be interpretated as polemical (but is not, really), but… the Help Center is a real working service?
I’ve raised two tickets months ago but no answers yet, neither a interlocutory answer like “we’re working on it” or more information request… nothing.
only the automatic email that confirm the recipit of the request.
has anyone got any answer from them?

Same for me, i’ve marked staf people on forum, raised ticket via help center and nothing… even single GTFO xD there are many topics on forum without feedback, sad.

Hi @wojciech.marmurowicz @ineedfantasy , thanks for the feedback. I’ve brought it to our support team’s attention and they will look into your issues again.

Please kindly note that, whenever you meet any issues, submit a support ticket via eWeLink App, Help Center, or VIP page first, and we encourage you guys to post ideas and suggestions here in Forum.

Hi PeterGoGo, thank you for your answer. in my case the ID of the tikets to help center are: 187510 and 188249
honestly, I’ve not openetd the tickets via App becouse I not even know that was possible, and now that I know, I can’t find where do it. I’ve fount FAQ section, but not the raising tiket option… probably I’m still sleeping :sleepy:

Hey ineedfantasy, sorry for the bad experiencing, as Peter said, you can check the tickets and replies in the APP–profile–help and feedback, up right corner-- feedback, all the tickets will be updated here, there also be a reply email sent to the address that you raise the ticket, but we have found some of the mail service providers, like Gmail will block the reply email as Spam, which is really out of our control, but we are trying to find a workaround with the System provider, which is Zendesk for us.

As for the ticket 187510 and 188249, i have checked that our colleague from CS team have replied to you the next day you raised, which i think the reply email is blocked by Gmail.

I’d like to cue @natalia.long here from our CS team to help you further, continue this topic thread or with another email address you provided are all works for us.

Hi @PeterGoGo, @yitie I want you to know that zendesk doesn’t deliver any support. Have a look at Trustpilot and you will see what I mean. It covers my own experience very well. (I think they removed my request, handled by a certain Erin)

My issue: The android app loads VERY slowly. Sometimes 8 seconds or more. On top of it, when it loses the focus it has to load again. This makes it practically unusable. l tried the webapp on my phone and it loads almost instantly. My suggestion was not to load the settings of a device at start but only when necessary

Request: can you leave out the country number at login in app and webapp? It makes logging in from my password app very difficult.

Hi Victor, i talked with colleagues from customer service department, they told me that they have noticed Zendesk service is getting down, they are evaluating other CS platforms like Freshdesk, do you have any recommendation by the way?

And as for loading speed, we are trying to make some improvements in V5.0 which planned to release in September.

Login option is a complex procedure, how about login with QR code in the Web?

Hi Yiti,

I have no recommendations, save that it is very important the platform has enough knowledge to forward relevant problems immediately to eWelink without asking stupid standard questions or making stupid standard suggestions.

I hope my suggestion for loading speed is interesting enough.

As long as login doesn’t have to be renewed too often, I can live with it.

Indeed, It is essential for customer service staff to have a good knowledge base, it’s a long journey to achieve step by step.

I know one action that the dev team to do is separate unnecessary setting loading to accelerate the speed, they are aware that issue,
thanks for your understand.