Has anyone else found the NS Panel schedule revert to 24 hours

This morning, the schedule settings of my NS Panel Pro heating configuration all reverted to 24 hours, requiring me to re-enter the timings I had setup. Is this a designed feature that I have to make changes to every day, or a bug?

The only thing that I changed before it reverted to 24 hours, was to change a sensor from one location to another. I’ve attached a picture of how I have it setup.

Perhaps this is an Android ‘feature’ … sorry I can’t confirm this issue because my primary account doesn’t have this setup. Maybe confirm your device / app versions to help others.

Hi @njdt @karenstockbridge77 ,

Thanks for your feedback. Upgrading your app to V3.5 and resetting these schedules should solve this issue.


My eWeLink smart home app states it is version 5.2.1 from 22nd Dec 23. No further upgrades available so not sure why the schedules reset

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@ward presumably you mean v5.3. As an ‘Apple’ user, this isn’t available for me yet but this isn’t my issue. When I look at the ‘what’s new’ notes it only mentions …

-Added support for Matter Bridge.
-Enhanced the Insight with the ability to customize and reorder feature modules.
-Hiding specific devices in Devices ON section is available now.

Is what @karenstockbridge77 describes a bug which hasn’t been publicly acknowledged and thus fixed with version 5.3?

Hi @njdt @karenstockbridge77

This is an identified and fixed bug.

We have released V5.3 for the Android platform on Jan 15, but it may take some time to arrive. If you haven’t received it yet, we would kindly ask for your patience for just one more day. The update should reach you shortly. Thank you for your understanding!


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I had same issue two times with ns panel pro (v2.3) (v5.3). all schedules reset to ‘‘everyday’’
One was surelly after changing on threshold value for temeperature accuracy.
Please also remove the useless prompt that is a heater and tmperature cant reached.