Frequency of measurements, gaps in measurements

I’ve installed some SNZB-02 temp/humidity sensors.
Is there a way to increase freq of logging from 1/hr to 12/hr?
I also see that sometimes measurements are only logged every second hour. Why is that?

Thank you!

Is it possible, that if the changes are below a threshold the data points are only recorded every two hours?
Is there a way to change this rule?

The ZigBee sensors are mostly battery-powered so it’s critical to lower the power consumption as possible, so the sensors report the data in a pre-set frequency which is verified by the test lab and not adjustable manually.

But another way to get the data is the moment you open the data page of the APP, which will issue a instant data-reporting event to the sensor, so, take advantages of the OPEN API is a alternative way to meet your needs.

I have noticed that if I close the app on my iphone at the end of the day that there are no gaps when I open the app again the next day.
Leaving the app running in the background for long periods results in gaps on the charts.