Float Switch with Sonoff

I bough a Float Switch that works with a floating on top of a liquid which opens or closes the electrical circuit as the liquid level rises or falls.
My idea was to use the ports S1 and S2 from the Sonoff Mini R4 to close the circuit and so I would be warned by Alexa the water level has gone down, however I’m affraid the S1 and S2 may not completly isolated and somehow I get 110V in the water tank.
Any suggestion? Any sonoff which I can use as a dry contact sensor?

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I use this one and it works fine.

I think Mini R2 has some sort of low voltage sensing on S1-S2 terminals, it is written in the manual to keep inputs disconnected from Line or Neutral for safety. Also the eWeLink-Remote transmitter Sonoff S-Mate (with 3 different inputs) developed for Mini R3 should work but I didn’t test one yet. Hope it helps!

I have two floatswitches that I use in this way with the Mini R2. It works very well

If I understand correctly you are worrying about the device if so use the MINI R4
If you want a dry contact device look here https://www.amazon.com/Sonoff-Wireless-Automation-Modules-Compatible/dp/B07F6YZXST