Wellpoint pump switch and flow sensor question

Good afternoon everyone! I have a question, and I hope perhaps someone here has done something similiar.

Quick explanation. I have a wellpoint pump which fills a tank with water, which I then use for irrigation. I have a Sonoff BasicR2 connected to the pump, with schedules when to run to start filling the tank.

I also have a float switch in the tank, which interrupts the circuit to the pump, AFTER the Sonoff. So even though the Sonoff will turn ON due to schedule, the pump will not turn on if the tank is full.

This is the intention, and works perfectly. But I have 2 questions

  • If the Sonoff is on, but pump is off because of the float switch, from Ewelink it still looks lik the pump is on. Any way to install another switch, that can show that although the pump is on, it is not running?

  • Is there any type of device that is Ewelink/Sonoff compatible that can detect flow? I would like to be able to know whether the pump is actually pumping water, or if there is no water, possibly due to outlet line damage, etc etc.

Have you tried to achieve this by scene? if the float sensor active then turn off the pump Switch, and far from i know that eWeLink is a solution provider and they don’t know the whole device types in the market, may be you can search the flow detected device on e-commerce platform like aliexpress, to see if there any device meets the need by using eWeLink services.

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Apologies for only responding now. It looks like the MiniR2 with the float switch connected to the S1 terminals might do the trick. External trigger follow mode. So it will be whatever the float is.

Now i wonder if timers will override the follow switch setting, will test that.