Smart water pump system

Hello everyone
I have two water tanks, one for filling water from the source and pumping it to the other tank that supplies the house. I have a float switch sensor in each tank. I intended to use a Sonoff Mini R4 device and connect the float switches together to form a single circuit. When the condition is met, electricity is supplied to the water pump. What I aim for is to know the status of the tanks based on the Sonoff Mini R4, so I can determine if the tank is empty or not. However, I later discovered that connecting the float switch sensors together doesn’t work because it creates a single circuit, and it’s impossible to determine which sensor caused the circuit to break. Is there anyone who can help me with guidance to any other alternative device that allows me to control each sensor individually and know its status, while considering not using live power (L) as it’s dangerous and can be transferred by water?

Can you draw a diagram and label the voltages?

Sorry but iam not expert in that but do u suggest the dual r3 sonoff to do that

No one will suggest anything without a diagram. Forum participants are not clairvoyant. Besides, the situation requires the presence of a professional on site. If you are not an expert, why do you go for it?
How has your pumping system worked so far? After all, someone installed it, designed it and took the money to make it.

First of all, thank you for your feedback. Secondly, I will not and have not worked on installing the system myself, and all I request is a suggestion for the appropriate Sonoff device to meet my plan, and the electrician will install the system.

What I’m asking for is an alternative to what I thought the Mini R4 device would do, but it won’t allow me to control and know the status of each float switch