[Feature Request] Significant improvements & Mapview

significant improvements. I connected the slim cam via rtsp to the dahua DVR and view it through the gdmss plas program. So, cam slim loads much faster, together with dahua cameras. I used to think that the problem was the long loading time in the ewelin server, but it turns out the problem is in the ewelink app itself. I once again decided to use, in the hope that the problem was solved, NFC tags to allow children to gain access to the house by opening an electromechanical lock. but due to the infinitely long loading time of the ewelink app, this idea turned out to be a failure!!! We all constantly hear promises to solve all these problems, but things don’t go beyond promises!!! I suggest one more improvement. Today I connected to smart things and an update appeared there. They use maps for houses. Why don’t you take this idea on board??? Honestly, I’m surprised that you haven’t come to this kind of improvement before, because this is the best smart home control that can be!!! You don’t have to reinvent the wheel. All you have to do is take advantage of what has already been invented and improve it!!!

Thx for your feedback!

I’m glad you find a way to have our cam work better. But if the issue is serious from the eWeLink app side, would you please submit a support ticket in the app, so our team can look for a way to improve the performance?

The Mapview/Floorview feature is already in discussion, we will share more information on this once we have determined a solid roadmap for this feature.