Problem receiving notifications on shared cam

Hello everyone.

A few days ago I added to my r2 and s26 sockets, a dw-2 wifi door opening sensor and a cam-s camera.

Both configured and in operation.

I joined the monthly subscription for my account in order to share the devices with other smartphone (with other ewelink account).

Successful sharing.

The only problem is that for the cam I receive push notifications only, the delegated device does not receive them, while it receives them for opening/closing dw2.

I use android, the other apparatus is IOS, but even trying with a second android, it doesn’t work.

Sharing the device using the same wi-fi network and with the ewelink app open on both smartphones, it still doesn’t work.

In the ewelink app settings all notifications have been enabled and all permissions accepted.

Made a second subscription to the delegated smartphone as well, but the notifications are still not coming.

Have you experienced a similar problem before? How did you solve it?


Hey there, in terms of the camera, actually only the master account can receive motion detection alerts while the shared users don’t have the access to the alerts.

Thank you for the information.
Do you know if it is planned in the short term to implement this feature?
Thank you

Hey there, haven’t heard the plan to open the access to push notifications for shared users so far. We’ll let you know if there is any update.