Extract historical data (date, time, etc.) of triggers


We’re using Sonoff RF bridge to which we connect/assign triggers/buttons. Then we can see in eWeLinkWeb when and which button was pressed. But is it possible to collect and extract historical data about button pushes? We want to know which buttons are the most popular and during which days/time some buttons are pressed. Thank you.

You mean the logs of the devices, right? let’s evaluate this feature, I think it’s quite useful.

BTW, may I ask why are you add so much buttons? and kind of smart system you setup?

Yes, logs. Preferably excel/csv:

Triger name
Scene/room name

In short, we work in retail business and this allows our customers to notify about various issues (e.g. toilets not clean, etc.). Whenever button is triggered → notification to smart watch is sent :slight_smile:

We have put this on the request list, more research needed to find a way how to store the logs for download.