External activation "off"

Hi all!
Today I was wondering that with sonoff mini r2 I could disable the external activation option to prevent the physical activation of a switch (for example if I’m out of home, the button that open the gate will not work)
I’ve tried to switch off the option in the settings but seems not possible; it only switch between pulse, spdt or auto follow…

I think would be a good option with a very small programming effort :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

Hi sir, I think it’s hard to do something on the physical button :joy:

Hi! Maybe I’ve not explained well, of course nothing can be done on physical level :laughing:
My idea is the possibilty to switch off all the option here

In this way in theory, the physical switch became a pointless button, that on some cases will be very useful

Hi there, could you give me the name of this app? I can share this lead with our development team and see what we can do about it. :nerd_face:

It’s the standard ewelink app, in the settings of a sonoff mini r2 (or sonoff dual r3)

Good idea! Let’s see if we can implement this feature update in Q3

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