Ewelink smart home add-on 1.21 inching problem

I have a few ewelink smart wall switches (3 gang). After last add-on update I could already sync these devices with iHost. Most of the things works OK but not inching in the app. Doesn’t matter what value I set in the app it always turns off the switch after 0.5s (it’s default minimal value). I had to unsync switches remove them from the app and add again. Now it’s working OK. Of course when I sync them with iHost it happens again. I don’t have any scenes on the iHost so I have no idea where the problem is.

hi, what’s the model of the 3 gang switch?

That’s third party switch. No producer and no type on the box. I’m using it since about a year and it’s working perfect with ewelink app but as I’ve wrote after sync with iHost inching breakes. Other functions working OK

Thank you, we’ll run some tests to check. will keep you updated.

Just got the results from test team, the inching mode works well, can you please sync again (one device is enough) and submit the system logs? (go to System settings-download system logs-submit via the Feedback button)

I don’t know why but it’s working now as it should :grinning:
I didn’t do anything else what I did before.Thanks for your help.
Could you tell me if you are going add inching mode in iHost ewelink add-on for LAN devices and what about energy consumption and history for POW2?
I’m asking beceause I’d like to move all my scenes form the app to iHost and without some functionality it wont work. Also sensors history in the local cast would be nice.

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