Ewelink Skill Alexa

Hi all, is there a problem with the Alexa Skill?

Done. I deleted the ewelink App, then i could Link ist to Alexa without Problems.

Glad to know:)

yes, strange, but it helped. Of course, the Ewe-link app is also installed again.

First I cleared the Alexa app cache and storage, then deleted every single smart home device, then all skills, then the Alexa app itself. Then everything backwards.

It worked on every manufacturer (Xiaomi, AVM, Ulthenic). I needed a lot of time for the ewe link skill. But after deleting the app it worked.

The random power on issue isn’t resolved, but a few other issues are gone now. So far I haven’t been able to use WiFi devices as actuators in routines, that’s possible now. I could use Zigbee devices as actuators, but the routines didn’t work. That also works now.