Ewelink share

hello how to do when sharing a device has a user to delete program and timer so that the user cannot access it thank you

Hi there, I wanna confirm that you don’t want to share the Scene and timer to the shared user right?

yes i dont want to share the timer and program because i dont want the user to have access to it
what is at the bottom of the picture

yes I would like to share without the program and timeout.
just the buttons that the user can do just ON / OFF

Thanks for your explanation. Unfortunately, when you share a device to someone else, the timer and program are shared automatically. At this point, we’re not able to allow users to block the timer or program to the shared users. But we will evaluate this feature later. Thanks for the feedback.

Hi guys, @blafranceschina @alc-longvic-mrc our team is now looking into the feature of share access. What we plan to do is to assign different share access to different members like kids, wife/husband, and guests/visitors, etc. We’d like to know your thoughts on it. Your suggestions are welcome!

Hi there

A few months ago, we received feedback from you hoping to limit access to certain features when sharing your devices with other users. We took this request seriously, and now, after several months of research, we’re happy to introduce a new functionality that lets you prevent shared users from accessing device timers and other settings.
*Please be aware that the functionality is a paid one and is a part of the eWeLink Advanced Plan.

The reason it is limited to advanced users is that developing and maintaining this additional privacy control requires significant development and operational costs on our end. We hope you understand this arrangement.
If you wish to upgrade and take advantage of this new feature, please upgrade the account via the Profile > Update Now page. As always, we value your suggestions and input.