Problem with sharing

Hi, I have a little problem: only with 2 devices (smartphones) I can’t share the command to open the gate.
The app says to me “Unable to share due to device security protection”.
Do you know how I can do to solve this problem?
Thank you and sorry for my bad English.


Could you let me know the eWeLink accounts you’re gonna share with?

Yes but only 1, I forgot the other.


Thanks for the info. The shared user’s eWeLink account is not in the same region as yours, which will not allow you to share your device or home with him. May I know why you need to share your devices with people far away from you?

Ah, he is not in the same region?:thinking::thinking:
He live in Italy, in Milan like me.
I want to share with him the command to open the workplace gate.
Maybe he change the region on the smartphone?

Lol when he created his eWeLink account, the region he selected is not in Europe.

If he change region, is the solution?

does it have the same region as me?

Unfortunately, the region associated with the account is not changeable. The workaround is maybe you can ask him to create another account.

With the same email?

Nope, users cannot use the same email address to create multiple eWeLink accounts. Therefore, please create an account with another email.

If you want to change the region of an already registered account, you can cancel the account and register again. Remember to choose the correct region when registering