Unable to share

Hi, I have a problem (first with my English, sorry): when I want to share a command with a smartphone (Samsung) my phone says “Unable to share due to device security protection”.
A similar problem had already occurred to me but I had solved it by putting my same region (Italy) on the target phone. But now the phones are in the same region and it still happens to me. Solutions? Thank you. Darko

Hi, you may have misunderstood “same region”.

You can share devices with each other only if both accounts are registered in the same country (same server)

Not that the two phones are in the same place

The phones are in the same region, in Italy.

Dear Darko, you can give feedback to the ewelink team on the profile > help&feedback > feedback page inside the ewelink App about your two numbers not being able to be shared, so they can help you troubleshoot it!