Ewelink on off switch question help

i have a few of the ewelink plug in switches. the type you plug into a wall outlet and then plug a device into that unit. i have paired it and i have made it go on and off in the garage but i do not always have a good signal. i have a wifi signal extender in the garage and i’m having a time getting the switched to go thru that and then let me turn them on and off. i can bring them in the house and they work great.

so has anyone figured out how to get these switches to connect to a netgear wifi signal extender? or might i have to visit netgear. i tried wps and that failed i tried connecting the extender to the lan in the kitchen that failed i tried both 2.4 and 5g but the app tells me 2.4 only. i put the phone on 2.4 and 5g and it made no difference. maybe deleting the app and installing it again? i was able to connect to one of them in the garage as it is connected to a furnace and a idiot light so when it turns on i see the light on my cameras and so i know the switch activated. but now ir will not activate even with the doors open.

also i downloaded the apk for windows but i have no clue how to get that to work the switches so does anyone know if there is a program for win10 that will work these switches.

i also looked for another app and all of the apps i entered all came back to the ewelink app. thanks

The device support 2.4G wifi only, so if i get your issue correctly, try to reset the devices and pair them to your router which nearby.

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