Ewelink cannot manage a high amount of devices starts to freeze

We have been working with ewelink (advanced account) & Sonoff products (all devices are relays) for more than four years.
Since we gradually increased the quantity of products, around 10 per month, we have the same problem. Freezes, late responses, erroneous device status. We have to close and open the application to have approximately 1 or 2 minutes of some stability and then everything comes back again. I have reported this several times in the past, directly to test support, etc. and the support simply shut up and made a rude visit. But there is no solution for this. EweLink can’t handle it. Separating the accounts is not viable for us, as we work with the support of two people. And one person needs to have access to all devices on their shift. We are talking about more than 200 devices separated by between 3 and 5 per remote location (90% in different cities) and configured and separated in the same way in the APP, and yes it is a cloud system and app situation. Separating this and always logging into a different account to reduce the devices to just 10, which would be ideal for the application, you may notice that it is not viable. I don’t know what else to do. The cost will be high, the work will be enormous, but there’s no way around it. It seems that we have to look for another solution, as we stopped investing a year ago in devices that use ewelink that use this application. We are so tired, so upset and frustrated of using something that should make our work easier, and in fact we are stuck in a dead end. Because something that should help us creates a lot more work and waste of time to use.:sweat: :weary:


Currently 50 devices both via the cloud and via the local network are working perfectly, plus another 5 CCTV cameras

@soporte2 : I don’t have any experience with 200+ devices at once, but the app can definitely handle more than 10 devices. Similar to @arcssua, I am currently running 48 devices without any issues.

Do you really need all features of the app for your shift workers - or do they only need to be able to switch relays on/off? Have you tried building a CAST (e.g., one for each of your location) and tested how responsive it is?

Web Cast is the same thing as their platform, it wasn’t developed to support many devices and they didn’t think about it or even pay attention. It even appears that their network was constantly crashing because of tampering with devices, perhaps even using it for some DDoS.
It’s been three years since support told me several times that their infrastructure was weak and would improve over time. I’ve written it all here via email in several emails, but so far it’s been more than three years and he says nothing and nothing changes.


I can only speak for myself.

I have faced some challenges with Sonoff devices all over the time I am using them, 14 months, and after change the capacity/quality of my network devices I have reached to a very stable situation.

I have 87 devices and they are all performing decently. However, It’s been clear that eWelink app is becoming slower thru time being. If that is related with my number of devices or with Sonoff number of user’s, well, I don’t know.