Ewelink add scenes

I set ewelink to open the gate with my iphone and I can command with Siri, I shared the gate with my wife in ewelink adding the scene she does not see the gate because this is only shared and not hers
How can my wife open the gate with her voice in her iPhone?

Hi there.
One way to do this is to create a manual scene with the gate on your account, share it with your wife via Home, then add it to Siri on her account.

Thanks sharing the house it work!

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Initially, I bought a second SV switch for her, that works parallel to “mine” to operate the gate.
You can share a device but not one single scene.
Another option is to share the whole house, then all your scenes are shared too. Sharing the whole house with your wife, I guess that’s fine. But if you only wanna share 1 scene with someone else…. More work to de for the ewelink development team