Is possible to import scenes from ewelink to google home? How?

Hi, I don’t realize how to call one ewelink scene from Google Home. I appreciate any help you can bring me.

Hi there, what does it mean by importing eWeLink scenes to Google Home? In fact, after you finish account linking, the manual scenes will be synced to Google Home.

Hi Peter, I’m using Google Home as a integrator for many brands of automation devices. In example, I have 2 blind’s motors with they self-contro app, and the lights controlled by ewelink. One scene form ewelink(called ‘Dinner’) ,turns some lights off and others on. In Google home, I want to add one function that runs “Dinner” scene from ewelink and Close the blinds. Thas why I need to import “Dinner” Scene to Google Home. When I linked ewelink account to Google Home, only devices (Smart Wall Switches) were imported without scenes.

Is Dinner an auto scene or a manual scene? If it’s a manual scene, it has been synced to Google as well, and you can find it among the devices. Also, you can run it on Google Home.