Hey Siri does not execute ewelink

opening a “gate” via Siri.
Pressing the quick button to activate Siri without “Hey Siri” and saying “Gate” works!!
Instead, saying “Hey Siri Gate” does NOT work, Siri responds with a search for the word “gate” on the internet.
Why doesn’t work?


I just gave it a try, and it worked as expected. You may contact Apple and see if there’s any issue with your Siri settings.

Siri is sometimes not very smart, you may try 'run the shortcut Gate ’

Thank you. These are two videos about my problem. In any case I have this problem only with ewelink app.
In the first video I activate Siri with the “Ehi Siri”
In the second video I activate Siri by pressing the side button on the right