Control your devices with Siri

Control your devices with Siri

Since eWeLink 4.3 eWeLink offers support for Siri shortcuts. With a few simple steps, you will be able to control all the eWeLink supported smart devices with your iPhone or iPad.

How to set up

  1. Create a manual scene
    A manual scene is required to be added to Siri shortcut. Follow the steps to create a manual scene.
    a) Tap ‘add’ in scene tap.
    b) Select ‘Tap to perform’ as the condition.
    c) Set up the action of the scene such as turning on a lamp. Select ‘Lamp’ and ‘ON’.
    d) Save the scene and name it ‘Turn on lamp’.

  1. Add the manual scene to Siri Shortcut
    Now that you have created a manual scene, you need to add it to Siri shortcut. Follow the steps below.
    a) Tap ‘Add to Siri’ on the top of the scene page.
    b) The next Siri shortcut page will show you the list of all manual scenes. Select the scene you just set.
    c) Change the voice command as you wish and tap ‘Add to Siri’.

  1. Say ‘Hey Siri, turn on the lamp’ to your iPhone
    You are all set now. Say the preset voice command to your iPhone or iPad, and your manual scene will execute accordingly. In this example, you can say ‘Hey Siri, turn on the lamp’.

Hello everybody,
Thanks for this great implementation with Siri!
I encountered a limitation:
I shared the device that I registered on my account with others.
Users who have received the shared device cannot access functions and therefore cannot configure Siri to execute the command.
Is there any action I can do to fix this?

Hi there, please go to Profile - Manage Home to share the home with another account.
With Home sharing, your manual scene can be shared with others, then they can create Siri shortcuts on their own.

after the new IOS 16.3 Siri don’t work with app comandi so with eWelink why?

Hi there,

“don’t work with app” would you please give us more details? Maybe you can attach a video :slightly_smiling_face:

Hi, a shared home user cannot use the Siri function, Siri replies ‘it looks like you have not set up any home kit accessories’. Can shared users use Siri?

Hi there, to make the shared users can use Siri shortcuts, the admin account need to create manual scene first(only the manual scenes can be set as Siri shortcut). Then share the home with another account. To share your eWeLink home with other users, please refer to this article: