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How to control eWeLink devices on Apple Watch siri

Please refer to the following guidance:
Your eWeLink is now in your Apple Watch - Announcement & tutorials - eWeLink Forum

I have set accordingly to the instructions, but still can’t ON and Off the devices from the Apple Watch , I attached the set Watch as follows,

Can’t use Siri scenes on Apple Watch , attach settings on eWeLink,

Do the devices sync with the Watch, but it doesn’t respond to taps?

Yes, pls advise how to respond to the tap ?

For your info ,currently my iPhone 11 is IOS 16.1.2 / Apple Watch 8 is WOS 9.1 and eWeLink app V4.27.0 version

Would you send a video to This might be helpful for us.

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Good evening Mr Erin,
After all finish all setting on the eWeLink app in iPhone and add the smart device and scene in to Apple Watch , I can control the device on the a watch with on the Smart Device but not the scene on the Siri , the Siri work on my iPhone with but not on the watch , when I use voice command on Siri the watch screen come Cancel / Done , if tap on done then device ON /Off , is this how Siri voice command works on watch , attach this a picture on watch when use Siri voice command, hope to hear from you .


There were no issues here when we tested it, but if you could attach a video, that would be helpful.

Hi Erin,
I have send a video to your support team as you requested, hope you can fellow up with them , hope hear from you ,

Thank you for your video. As of now, eWeLink can only control the devices in the App using Siri on the iPhone, not the Apple Watch.

Hi Erin,
Thank you for your feedback ,
I attached a link here where it say can you Siri on watch,


Siri on Apple Watch can actually control scenes, not devices.

Hi Erin good morning,
You say Siri on watch can control the scene not the device meaning how it work ,hope to hear from you , sorry to trouble you .
In this llink it say can use voice command.

Wake up Siri on Apple Watch to voice control the scenes

How to Set:

  1. Access the smart scene that you have set and tap “Add to Siri”.
  2. Set a particular voice command for the smart scene that you want to control, then proceed to “Add to Siri”.
  3. Now, you can control the smart scene using Siri on your Apple Watch. Just say a voice command and the smart scene will automatically perform.
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First, you need to create a manual scene for the device, then tap “Add to Siri”.

Control ewelink devices from Siri - YouTube

Hi Erin thank,
I have already created the scene on eWeLink app , it work fine with Siri on my iPhone, and add the scene to the watch , can I use siri voice command on the watch ON/OFF the device?
I attach a screenshot of my scene settings,

Please use the voice command set when adding to Siri to control the scenes that have been added to Apple Watch.

Hi Erin thank for your reply,
I use the same scene command on the phone and watch but it only work on the iPhone not on the watch, I just couldn’t find out why, why I come to you for help,