Error node not cube in zgateways.log

I am seeing below error messages in zgateways.log on ihost when trying to pair a Zigbee Dongle Plus flashed with router firmware. Anyone an idea what “error node not cube” does mean and how to troubleshoot / fix that one? Tnx

Log extract below:

[INFO] [2024-02-21 09:16:15] the enable is 0
and the activeis 1

[INFO] [2024-02-21 09:16:15] error node not cube{“type”:“Zigbee-ZR”,“ieeeAddr”:“0x00124b0024c9f0d5”,“nwkAddr”:21491,“manufId”:0,“manufName”:“TexasInstruments”,“powerSource”:“Mains (single phase)”,“modelId”:“ti.router”,“appVersion”:31,“stackVersion”:2,“dateCode”:“05-12-2020”,“hwVersion”:1,“zclVersion”:3,“endpoints”:{“242”:{“profId”:41440,“epId”:242,“devId”:97,“inClusterList”:,“outClusterList”:[33]},“8”:{“profId”:260,“epId”:8,“devId”:255,“inClusterList”:[0,3],“outClusterList”:[0]}}}

this device is not supported yet: "modelId”:“ti.router”
and seems the Zigbee2CUBE is not enabled on your iHost (under Pilot Features menu), if you have other NON-ZigBee 3.0 devices to add, you may need to enable it.

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