Effective Period not present on old TH16 device


Even if I updated both the ewelink app and the device firmware to the latest version the Effective Period option didn’t appear in the Auto tab.

Could you please suggest me a possible solution?



Hi cavallitto,

Thanks for your feedback. Could you please raise a support ticket and provide your device ID? This will enable us to delve deeper into your specific situation and offer the best possible solution.

This forum is primarily used for user interaction and free discussion, we highly recommend raising a ticket if you meet any further issues, especially software-related ones (APP & other portals $ cloud services), and guidelines needed via the eWeLink help center web portal https://help.ewelink.cc/hc/en-us or feedback channel in the App, and if it’s an issue related to SONOFF devices, rising a ticket here Submit a ticket : ITEAD Customer Care Center is the best way to get response timely.