Drawer strip supporting ewelink, recommendation?

I’m looking for a smart socket strip to replace my aging slave/master strip. It occurred to me why not do it “smartly” and buy a straight strip supporting eWelink and connect it to the home system. Instead of the old slave/master function, create a “scene” via eWelink where the rule that one device turns off the others will apply. An example is turning off the PC and then turning off the monitor, speakers, etc.
Can you recommend a “smart” bar that works like this under eWelink?
Thanks for any recommendations or advice!

Something like that ? However, it is not available.

Nobody anything? There may be another smart alternative (eWelink) to replace the old “stupid” socket strip.
Any advice would be greatly appreciated, I really don’t know what to buy.

All resolved.
I bought the socket bar even though it is not a device for eWelink. The bar is controlled by the “Smart Life” application, which I also use.

After ordering the strip, a colleague from one of the forums advised me of a much better option.

The variant consists of smart sockets that measure energy consumption.
The “master” socket - only the computer is connected - determines the operation, and the second “slave” socket - connected peripherals (speakers, monitor, etc.) subordinate to the “master” socket.
Everything will take place according to the created scene, when the “slave” outlet is turned on/off according to the set consumption value on the “master” outlet, which sends the appropriate on/off command to the “slave” outlet.