Download consumption history

I have a number of Sonoff plugs attached. For each of them I can download historic electricity consumption. Is there a way to download all of them in one go rather than one at a time.

Also when I do the download it opens Excel with the data. However the dates in the data are not recognized as Excel dates but as strings. The values are also string not Excel numbers. This means I have to the convert them via string → date and string → number functions before I can use the data. If your going to create a XLS or CSV you should format them so the data is loaded in as the correct format to start with.

Another minor point with the structure is that it is split by months, this is pointless and annoying. Excel already provides much better mechanisms to group data. So anther step I take to make the data “useful” is to remove these monthly groupings and subtotals.

Hi there, thank you for taking the time to provide this thoughtful feedback. I really appreciate you sharing these ideas for improving the download experience for electricity consumption data.

The ability to download data for multiple plugs in one step, rather than individually, is a great suggestion. Having the dates and values formatted as true Excel dates and numbers, instead of strings that require conversion, would also streamline the process and make the data more readily usable.

I will be sure to pass along this feedback internally to our team for consideration. Feature requests and ideas for enhancements like this are extremely valuable for helping guide our product development roadmap. I can’t make any concrete promises right now, but if we do end up making progress on implementing your suggestions, I will be happy to circle back and provide an update.

Thank you again for taking the time to share. We appreciate users like you who engage with our products and provide constructive ideas for how to improve the experience. Please feel free to continue sharing any other feedback you may have.