S60 smart plug missing options

I’ve received my first S60 Smart UK plug and I thought I could monitor energy consumption easier. In my opinion it is a bit missed opportunity to make it great product.
First of all in “Read more” download icon in the top right corner doesn’t start downloading but asking to share with while sharing with Files by Google doesn’t save it. Instead I have to share it with email client or instant messaging app. Also generated .csv file contains a lot of empty rows starting from 2022. At the end there is no option to type a current energy cost and calculate it in real time without downloading csv file and aggregating data.

We will offer advanced energy management in eWeLink Web including cost calculation and more powerful and customized options.

As for the empty data issue, could you please submit a support ticket in your app?

Thx in advance.


@ward Sure, of course, you will offer. Like most functions, someday and perhaps.


Hi everyone
After reading the OP I went back to my system (ihost) looking for a way to generate csv files – found nothing, not even a ‘read more’. Only download was in ‘history.xlsx’ for MS Excel placed in my ‘downloads’ folder of Windows machine.
Back on my iPhone, I had a look at the ewelink app and found the read more/download options. One of the options – on the iPhone/iPad – is to save the file to ‘files’. This generates a csv file which you can then do what you like with it.

Is there any chance that we can have a consistent set of download options for this data – in the app and using ihost?. I think csv is much more useful than xlsx. Or give the user a choice .

When I have looked the history files are always the same size (in rows), going back six months – I assume six months is all the data the plug? can hold. The download file is just a dump of all the data it holds – including the zero rows?