Do your own iHost backup substitute!

I run over 40 scenes now on my iHost and it is impossible to restore them from memory.

This is why I do “backup” by making print screens.

With automated app for this it takes a few minutes.

First take print screen of the number of manual and auto scenes.

Then whole area with manual scenes.

Then whole area or parts if larger of auto scenes.

Then open each scene and do print screen.

At the end copy all print screens to secure location name them using current date.

This is how I do my iHost “backup”

This is not how it should be done… but atm it is the only option which I know.

In case of emergency… I will open my print screens folder on one monitor and iHost on another. This way I will be able to recreate all scenes quickly.

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You made my evening :star_struck:


Thank you… now please donate $1 for Sonoff dev team… maybe this will motivate them to make the proper backup :wink:

iHost/CUBE doesn’t have shell access? To manually get to the files underneath…

I don’t know about this option to exist.

But even if someone will manage to do this… the next question is… how scenes are saved and organised on iHost…

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