Credentials for hidden ssid and telnet


Product name: EWelink Smart IOT Camera Wireless WiFi Intelligent Indoor Two Way Audio Mini Night Vision LAN Network Home Monitor
FW Name: GK-100XF11B

I was wondering what was the PSK / SSID password for this? which is being spawned when booting

killall: udhcpc: no process killed
killall: udhcpc: no process killed
killall: udhcpc: no process killed
Configuration file: /mnt/mtd/ipc/cfg/ap.cfg
+rtl871x_sta_deauth_ops, ff:ff:ff:ff:ff:ff is deauth, reason=2
Using interface ra0 with hwaddr 30:4a:26:ea:14:27 and ssid 'HAP-EWLK-035516-LEHDF'
rtl871x_set_hidden_ssid ignore_broadcast_ssid:0, HAP-EWLK-035516-LEHDF,21

Additionally is there any way to obtain a web management interface for this device locally that isnt because my video doesnt even load on that webapp. loads on the mobile fine.

If it can be disclosed whats the telnet password on the device i genuinly need it for recovery.

Lastly, the UBOOT doesnt allow us to interrupt the boot sequence with ENTER

U-Boot 2012.10 (May 29 2019 - 11:20:26) for GK7102S dyzl-gk7102s-gc1034-v1.0 (GOKE)

HAL:   20160804
DRAM:  64 MiB
Flash: [W25Q64FV] USE 4X mode read and 4X mode write
8 MiB
NAND:  [No SPI nand]
SF:    8 MiB [page:256 Bytes] [sector:64 KiB] [count:128] (W25Q64FV)
In:    serial
Out:   serial
Err:   serial
Net:   Int PHY
Hit Enter key to stop autoboot:  0          <====== HERE NO MATTER WHAT YOU PRESS IS IGNORED
[PROCESS_SEPARATORS] sf probe 0; sf read 0xc1000000 0x50000 0x160000; bootm 0xc1000000
SF:    8 MiB [page:256 Bytes] [sector:64 KiB] [count:128] (W25Q64FV)
put param to memory
mem size (47)
total mem size (64)
bsb size (1)
usr size (0)

the kernel image is zImage or Image```

Are you trying to reset the camera? if so, there should be a hole/reset button on the device, use the pin long press for 5 seconds then the device will be reset, please refer to the manual for the specific.

And if you want to view your local camera’s live stream, CamSync is just the way to achieve this, which is a service from us that allow you to view your ONVIF supported camera by few steps of setting, converting your camera that supports RTSP video stream to WebRTC live stream, allowing you to watch the camera’s live stream on eWeLink app, eWeLink web, Amazon Echo Show and Google Nest Hub, see the user guide here