Camera status

According to the web app my camera (ID: 8630006168) is offline, but in the android app it is online and I can see the video. Refreshing the website doesn’t help.

Hi there, could you PM me with your eWeLink account? It seems the ID you provided is not the actual camera ID.
This is the actual camera ID. Kindly check the attached screenshot below.

Hi there, thanks for the device info. When you log into eWeLink web, do you use the same account as the eWeLink app you log in? Besides, could you take a screenshot of the web page that shows the camera is offline?
Thank you


yes, I use the same account for both, web and app. The camera is still offline on the web and the camera firmware is the latest version. Why does it say “eWeLink Camera 4842”? “4842” isn’t part of the Device-ID.


Hi kalle-ol, first of all, please note that eWeLink Camera 4842 is actually your camera phone. You download and install eWeLink Camera App, and this App works as a security camera with a default name “eWeLink Camera xxxx”. You have to make sure eWeLink Camera App is running in the foreground on your other phone, or it will be offline.

Second, it seems this device(device id: a630006f68) isn’t shown on the web page so we could not know its status on your web. Could you please record a video that shows the details, like from your login to the Dashboard? Please scroll down the page to show us all of the devices when you enter the Dashboard page. By the way, please send the video to This way we can know the overview of your devices on eWeLink web, and it surely will help our support team locate the root cause behind the issue as soon as possible.

Thanks again for your patience.

Why doesn’t it say “eWeLink Camera phone app”? Ok, than it’s my fault, because I thought it was my missing camera. I have 4 cameras, but with the phone camera app I have 5. Now there is a downpointing arrow and when I click on that, I see the camera and it is online! I totaly had forgotten, that I recently installed the app on my phone. Normally 4 cameras fit in one row on the screen, but now I have to click the arrow to get the rest of my cameras. Sorry for the trouble.

Hi kalle-ol, glad to know the missing camera shows up:D
Feel free to reach out when you have any other questions.