Common Questions when using Camera Gateway

Q: What kind of system do eWeLink camera gateway support?

A: You can run eWeLink camera gateway on any device(Linux/Raspberry Pi) that has installed a docker. We are working on supporting Win 10 PC and Mac, please stay tuned with us.

Q: Supported video codec and audio codec by eWeLink camera gateway.

A: Video format: H.264 / Audio format: G711a

Q: How to install a Docker on my device?

A: You can follow this tutorial to finish the installation of the Docker. >Runnable Docker Guides | Articles to help those who use Docker for Java, Rails, PHP, Python, and Node development.

Q: The docker pull and docker run commands returns error.

A: According to the window error prompt to troubleshoot the problem, if multiple attempts still can not run the gateway, please submit a feedback to eWeLink customer service:

Q: Why can’t I access cameragateway.local:8606 ?

• Use the docker ps command to confirm that the gateway program is running.
• Confirm that the terminal device accessing the URL is on the same LAN as the gateway.

Q: Why I failed to log in to eWeLink camera gateway with my eWeLink account?

A: Please make sure that the eWeLink account is a valid account that has been successfully registered in the eWeLink App.

Q: Failed to add a camera successfully.

• Open the browser, enter the camera IP, access the camera’s administrative backend, and confirm that the camera’s user name and password are correct.

• Use third-party player software to check whether the URL of the camera is valid. More feedback please send the relevant information about the camera gateway and camera to for help.

Q: Cannot find the camera via automatic search.

• Make sure the camera and the gateway are on the same LAN.

• Confirm that the camera is open for ONVIF service in the camera’s administration backend.

• This could happen due to the System Constraint or instability network, please add your camera manually.

Q: Where can I find my camera’s username and password?

A: Please look it up in the user manual or consult the factory.

Q: What types of IP camera can be added to eWeLink camera gateway?

A: Mostly IP cameras that support RTSP streaming protocol/ONVIF can be added to the camera gateway.

Q: How can I find the RTSP of my IP camera?

A: The common format is: rtsp://[username]:[password]@[ip]:[port]. The specific link is based on the manufacturer’s rules.

Q: Prompt the number of cameras has reached the maximum.

A: Under one camera gateway: Free members can add 1 camera device, Advanced members can add 10 cameras devices.