Connect Ikea devices to eWeLink with Ikea Dirigera bridge matter beta

Does anyone try this?

Since eWeLink have made the NSPanel Pro as a Matter Hub, and the newly announcement by Ikea that the Dirigera bridge will roll out upgrade to support Matter, I think there’s a chance to link all my TRÅDFRI bulbs to eWeLink and to control them in the WEB or CAST, all i need to buy a new Dirigera bridge as been claimed.

If DIRIGERA can function as a MATTER BRIDGE, I think you will be able to connect it to MATTER HUB (NSPANEL PRO) and control the devices in the ewelink application. But for now this is a beta version. So you won’t get miracles. NSPANEL PRO is also a beta version and is still very unfinished.

I have upgraded the DIRIGEAR firmware and will give it a try when I am home. :wink:

I know, but i see there have great potential to link my ikea bulbs to eWeLink, and my Philips too, but what i’m concern is the compatibilities, i don’t want to waste my money.

Wow, how do you get the beta access?

it’s in public beta

They both work with iHost and other Zigbee 3.0 gateways too. So if you already have one, no need to waste money on more hubs.