Condition 6am and still dark - light on

Hi there
I would like to know if the auto condition in Scene can set the light switch to turn on if it’s 6am and the sun is still not up.
I’ve been trying play with the App Scene and can’t figure this out on the app, or is there an other way around this since I can’t find a light sensor from Sonoff.
Thankful for any sugguestions.


The two triggers are mutually exclusive at the moment

Is there any other way to do this? I want the light to go on at 6am, when I wake up, but only when its dark and the sun is not up yet

IFTTT should handle more complex automations

And where do you want to get information about the fact that it’s dark, do you have a sensor?
Usually it is possible to set the trigger as sunrise for a given location, but whether this will guarantee that it is no longer dark, I cannot say for 100%.