Compatible 12v RGBW LED controller?

Does anyone know of a 12v RGBW LED controller that connects to Ewelink, and ideally has a microphone for having the lights go with music?

It doesn’t ring a bell at first; maybe some Matter alternatives?

I use the matter zemismart ZML3 Driver. I use the hub matter smartthings station and I am happy.

You won’t find it with a music function for ewelink.

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How’s your experience with it in eWeLink?

Using ZML3 in ewelink is still problematic when using the hub matter nspanel pro. Because nspanel pro is still a beta version, it is very unstable.

What’s the primary issue?

We are working to stabilize it for a better experience.

on nspanel pro the main problem is that matter devices are offline.

Yes, you can use the Zigbee MOES RGB white / warm white controler. It has 5 outputs RGB + Cold White + Warm white. 6 amps per output limited to 16A for the entire device. It works with Tuya, ewelink and Philips Hue bridge. Very versatile:

I use those in my projects whenever I need to drive white LED strips due to lack of a suitable product from Sonoff.

Hope this helps.