Combining accounts (same person different email

Is it possible to combine two accounts (same owner) to take advantage of the Advanced plan?
I have added various sonoff devices either from my iphone (one account) or ipad (other account) there are certain devices that are displayed on one account but not the other despite having been shared. I also notice that the advanced plan is only active on one account.
I know it sounds confusing but I am looking to have ewelink advanced active on both my iphone and ipad and be able to control all devices.
Would the best option be to delete all devices and add them on my ipad?

I doubt there is an option to give VIP to both accounts for free. If you don’t want to pay for the second plan, this is exactly what you have to do - you add everything on one account, which is VIP.

Alternatively, try CAST… on a second device.